1] How to Setup eAthena SVN Ragnarok Online

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There are a total of 5 topics. I've splited them up so that the guide wont look so messy. Also, please spend a few minutes of your time reading the reference links ads. The reference links include Free Server, Free Dedicated Server, Free and Cheap Web Hosting Services Company , loan consolidation, college consolidation debt loan and debt Information so please spend some time reading it. Here's the link to the other Topics.


Topic 1 - [How to Setup eAthena Server SVN]

Topic 2 - [How to Setup Ragnarok Online Server MYSQL Database]

Topic 3 - [How to Setup Ragnarok Online Server Abyss Server and PHP]

Topic 4 - [How to Setup Ragnarok Online Server Control Panel,Cpanel and Zend Optimizier]

Topic 5 - [What to do NEXT?]

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[Topic 1]

1] Setup eAthena SVN Ragnarok Online

Server RO Private Server


What DO you [Need] and to Download?


1] eAthena Stable SQL-SVN-12969-PV9

2] Web Server and Web Hosting [for hosting your website online 24/7]

3] Dedicated Hosting Servers or Dedicated Server [for hosting your server online 24/7]

[Download from the following Reference Links below, sponsored reference ads below where you can get for free.]

1] eAthena Stable SQL-SVN-12969-PV9

[Requires Web Hosting and Dedicated Hosting Servers or Dedicated Server to host Website and Server Online 24/7]

1b.) [Download from the following Reference Links Above]


-Extract the eAthena Svn you have downloaded to anywhere but not in your desktop. [Make sure all the files extracted are in a folder, if not make a folder for it and drag in all the files]


-Find a folder named conf in the eathena folder you have extracted and double click.


(Remeber to remove "//" for login_ip, char_ip, map_ip, login_port)

(Open all .conf file using notepad format)

-Now Edit this few lines in char_athena.conf and map_athena.conf .

char_athena.conf :

Server Communication username and password.

userid: s1

passwd: p1

-Edit userid and passwd to any username and password you can remeber. You will need this later on in your MySql Database.

-Remeber to remove // for login_ip and char_ip and change to your internet(wan) ip. You can choose to use no-ip to replace your wan ip from Link .

-Now you are done with your char_athena. SAVE and exit .

map_athena.conf :

-Edit userid and passwd to the same username and password you used eariler on for your char_athena.

-Remeber to remove // for char_ip and map_ip and change the to the same internet ip you used eariler on in your char_athena.

-Now you are done with your map_athena. SAVE and exit.

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